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Rainbow Trail

Posted in: Rainbow Trail
Feb 20, 2013 - 3:42:39 PM

For 100 miles from the Continental Divide southwest of Salida to Music Pass south of Westcliffe, the Rainbow Trail extends along the east side of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range.  The trail offers an outstanding trip for hikers and riders with a wide variety of terrain and forest settings at altitudes, generally, between 9,000 - 10,000 feet.  The trail offers the users some excellent scenery and viewpoints along with numerous side trails to streams, lakes and mountain peaks.  Horseback riders enjoy the opportunity for an extended trip with a variety of scenery and vistas seldom found elsewhere.  From Music Pass to an area known as The Cate, the Rainbow Trail is open to motorized trail vehicles, providing one of the longest continuous trail routes, in the state, for riders.  The Rainbow Trail, so called because it resembles a rainbow in shape, came into being with settlement of the Wet Mountain Valley and the Upper Arkansas River.  It was originally built to give firefighters access to the Sangre de Cristo mountains and for harvesting timber for building materials and fuel wood.  Construction of the trail began in 1912 and, over the years, sections of trail were joined together to provide greater convenience.  Hiking the Rainbow Trail for a short hike or a several day excursion is definitely an unforgettable experience.

The "Trail" is home to numerous wildlife including bobcat, fox, coyote, chipmunk, squirrel, pika, porcupine, rabbit, weasel, skunk, mink, deer, elk, mountain lion, marmot, beaver and black bear.  You will also see colorful flora and fauna.

Afternoon thunderstorms are common in the summertime, so rain gear should be carried at all times. At high elevations, nighttime temperatures can dip below freezing, even in the summertime.  Snows typically begin in October and continue into late spring.  Come prepared and dress in layers.

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