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Fremont County: Colorado Property

Posted in: Fremont County
By Wild West Properties
Jan 12, 2012 - 5:43:08 PM

Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge
Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge
The Royal Gorge Canyon located in south-central Colorado has been the focal point of Fremont County history since prehistoric times. The Ute Indians knew its secrets as did late groups of Spanish Conquistadors. Lt. Zebuion Pike explored the canyon in the winter of 1806 by traveling up the frozen Arkansas River. The county is named for famed explorer, Captain John Fremont, who arrived in 1843. When Canon City was incorporated in 1872, it was already a bustling little town, even if it was only four blocks long.

Autumn in Colorado
Autumn in Colorado
The first Colorado Territory prison was built here in 1871, five years before Colorado became a state. Since that early time, Fremont County has been home to a large number of state and federal correction facilities. Natural resource extraction has also been important, as early as 1872 oil was being sold from the Oil Creek area. Nearby, large coal reserves provided further push for the railroad to route through the Royal Gorge to reach the silver mines in Leadville. This legacy of rail travel through the depths of the Royal Gorge is still available today.

South-central Colorado Fremont County's scenic canyons, hot springs and hospitable climate began attracting film makers as early as 1910 when cowboy star Tom Mix starred in a silent film produced by the Selig Film Company. Over the years many films have been made in this mountain property.

Geographically this is a pleasant place to build and live. The Arkansas River valley provides plenty of food and natural resources. The lower elevation and location away from the windswept great plains means a temperate climate; a fact the Indians had long appreciated.


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